As a part of the EUWIB summit 2017, we held a series of workshops, where inspiring and empowering members of the world leading companies shared their knowledge about achieving success in business. 

Organization: KPMG

Workshop theme: Personal branding

This skills session introduces the concept of personal brand and how you can best represent yourself in the workplace. The session is designed to offer guidance on how you can make the best first impression during interviews, networking opportunities, in emails or on social media. Our focus will be on creating a personal brand in the workplace and the benefits of a positive brand. You will also have a chance to network with current graduates from KPMG.


Organization: Barclays

Workshop theme: Transformative Leadership & Emotional Intelligence – Preparation for your first job

Transformative Leadership is a concept about self-discovery and self-transformation that enables you to take actions that will impact your surroundings. Especially, when transitioning from being a student to your first employment, emotional intelligence and leadership become key drivers of your career and private life. This workshop will help you to master difficult decision making processes, especially in the transition from being a student to becoming a professional.


Organization: EY

Workshop theme: "Know your strengths" 

EY’s interactive Strengths Skills Session will help you realise your individual strengths and how using your strengths advantageously can secure a ‘best fit’ career. You’ll learn why we think your natural strengths are important, and how using your strengths will lead to a fulfilling, successful career.


Organization: Give a Grad a Go

Workshop theme: Interview masterclass: Back to Basics

UK's leading graduate careers and advice experts, Give A Grad A Go, will be presenting their ultimate guide on how to succeed at your next interview. Having processed 3,500 interviews alone last year, Give A Grad A Go will be bringing you back to basics - you will learn the best formula in perfecting your interview preparation technique along with our top interview Do's and Don'ts. You will also be split into groups in the second half of the workshop where you will have the chance to ask our graduate careers experts any questions you may have. Our aim is to not only help set you up for success in nailing your next interview but to also launch your career!


Organization: NUS Scotland

Workshop theme: Women's leadership skills development

Our Women in Leadership workshop is aimed at helping you gain key skills for your leadership development and is part of our work to support women’s leadership.

We recognise that there is a lack of women leaders throughout society and the need to address this gender disparity in leadership roles continues to have urgency. For instance, although women are overrepresented in the student movement itself, when it comes to positions of power and steering the movement, women fair less, especially women from liberation backgrounds.